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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. They all get unique numbers.There are different types of cookies:
  • Session cookies
These are temporarily saved on your computer when you visit our website and are deleted as soon as you close your browser.
  • Permanent cookies
These remain on your computer until you delete them.
  • First-party cookies
These cookies are placed on your computer by Más Amigos Bostad when you browse our website.
  • Third party cookies
These cookies are used to collect information for advertising and tailored content as well as for web statistics and come from Más Amigos Bostad's partners in connection with your browsing on Más Amigos Bostad's website (these are third-party cookies that allow you to, for example, see advertisements on products which you have previously clicked on or searched for). These third-party cookies provide an image of the user's surfing habits and it is possible to block this particular type of cookie in your browser by making an individual setting on your computer if you do not want third-party cookies to be accepted.

4. Why does Más Amigos Bostad use cookies?

With the help of cookies (and other technologies) we can do good things to improve your user experience, such as allowing our website to remember what you have searched for in the past, including remembering the holiday homes you have saved in your favorites list. We collect information about you who browse our website through several types of cookies or information collectors. Below you can see the type of cookies we have and how we use the information collected:
  • Necessary cookies
Contains information that we must have in order for you to access certain services. An example is that we must remember which products you have put in your shopping cart or how far you have come in your order.
  • Performance cookies
Used to ensure that the pages you use will load faster.
  • Analysis cookies
Contains general information about how you use our services. The information allows us to adapt our website to your needs so that we can make your use as simple as possible or to be able to analyze our visitor flows. After all, we have to make sure that we always have enough capacity to receive all visitors who surf to our website and to know how best to staff our digital customer service.
  • Functionality cookies
Used for us to remember the choices you made when you previously used our services. You should e.g. not every time you visit us having to choose which country you are in, which language our website should be displayed in, or having to repeatedly enter your username and password for each page you visit when you have already logged in.
  • Security cookies
Helps us detect and track fraud or other attempts to gain unauthorized access to your information and our services.
  • Marketing cookies
Collects information about your activities and interest shown on Más Amigos Bostad's website, in short what you clicked on so that we can provide you with relevant offers in other channels (for example, which of our products you see in banners on other pages).


Are cookies causing me to see marketing from Más Amigos Bostad on other sites?

Yes, Más Amigos Bostad uses marketing cookies. These are used to give you the best experience of Más Amigos Bostad - both when you visit us and when you leave our website. We use the information in these cookies to:

Give you content you seem interested in right away. We see which parts of our website you visited and where you clicked and draw conclusions about what you want to see more of. That information is used to determine which marketing might be most interesting for you. Therefore, you may find that the sofa you clicked on also appears on other pages, in banners from Más Amigos Bostad.

We also collaborate with other companies that help us with our marketing, so-called retargeting that more or less constitutes our digital storefronts (for example through banner advertising). This means that these companies can place cookies (see above) so that we can give you the inspiration you want in other channels as well. Based on how you moved on our website, you simply see marketing aimed at you where we have purchased advertising.

Below you will find some examples of companies Más Amigos Bostad uses for marketing through digital shop windows:

Marketing Partners

Read more about how they work with advertising on the respective company's website:
Have you ever wondered why you see ads from us when you browse to other sites? Or how we can keep your information throughout the purchase process?

Cookies, web beacons and pixel tags are various technologies that we use so that you can easily find what you are looking for, avoid filling in information that you have already filled in on a previous occasion or so that you can take part in offers and receive information about news that may be of interest to you. The goal for us is to simplify your use of our services and improve your experience of Más Amigos Bostad.

What is the difference between cookies and web beacons, pixel tags and other technologies that Más Amigos Bostad uses?

Unlike the text files in a cookie, web beacons (or pixel tags as they are also called) are of a more graphic nature. You can think of a web beacon as a transparent image that is superimposed on another image (eg an email) and that registers where on the image you click. Our web beacon thus enables us to know which information you find interesting and want to read more about.

When we may share your cookies

We may in some cases use a personal data assistant to help with our marketing. When we share your information, it will be used for the same purpose for which we originally collected it. When we send your data outside the EU/EEA, this takes place in accordance with particularly high requirements and agreements.

What do I do if I no longer want you to save my "cookies"?

You can always change your browser settings or device settings for the use and scope of cookies. Click into the settings of your browser or device to learn more about how to change your cookie settings. In your settings, you can block all cookies, but you can also choose to accept only first-party cookies or choose to delete cookies when you close your browser. Please remember that necessary cookies are needed if you are to still be able to use our website and services.

Other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites. This cookie policy only applies to our website, so if you use links to other websites we recommend that you read their cookie policy.

Update of cookie policy

We regularly review our cookie policy and we publish any updates on our website. This cookie policy was last updated on June 9, 2023.